Customer Experience

Client service forms the bedrock of our business. Because we ourselves are not moving freight, our aim is to provide an impeccable level of service, adhering to the highest standards of communication and consideration in freight Australia wide movements. From the moment our clients 'walk through the door', our priority is to manage their expectations and deliver a superior level of service and attentiveness to their needs. Our aim is to always adhere to the following qualities in providing our Customer Experience:

  • Innovation:

    The ability to find solutions and outcomes that may otherwise have not been considered or previously exhausted. Our staff are experts in thinking outside the square and using initiative to solve complex logistics problems.
  • Flexibility:

    adapting to a changing environment and your changing business needs is the cornerstone of a successful CIA-client relationship. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate our client's variable needs.
  • Accountability:

    Once CIA undertake a task, however major or minor, our clients are assured that it will be completed on-time and to the highest of standards, with appropriate managerial oversight and an adherence to established protocols.